Windows 7 features

Introducing Windows 7 Windows 7 features Performance improvements – Faster than it’s predecessor in all aspects Power Management * OS uses less power * Automatic screen dimming * Indicates when battery is close to dying * Power plans are easier to access Peek – X-ray vision to have a peek at your desktop or open window Snap * Quick & new way to resize open windows Aero Shake * Cut through a cluttered desktop and quickly focus on a single window with a shake Taskbar & jumplists * New taskbar design * Pin items to taskbar * Recent items for each program appear with a right click (jumplists) Action center * Reports any security issues that needs to be addressed Gadgets * Sidebar removed * Gadgets can be put anywhere Desktop Personalizations * New themes and sounds * Automatic change of backgrounds Calculator, Wordpad & Paint * New calculator with new features (programmer & statistics modes) * Ribbon interface and new features for paint & wordpad Games * Internet checkers, spades & backgammon return from XP DirectX 11 * New version of DirectX (improved graphics in games) Device manager * Device stage list popular tasks for plugged in devices * All devices are listed in the devices & printers folder Explore Windows 7 features at _______________________________________ Downloads folder: _______________________________________ Background Music Dj Frakture – Zeal *
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