Windows 10: The Next Chapter – Microsoft Live Event

Join the live blog here – Microsoft will be delivering a live presentation from its Redmond, Washington campus to provide more details on its upcoming Windows 10 operating…
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  1. Bugs Bunny says:

    This is more like Windows 8.2 to me. Same engine, different UI.?

  2. Marito Nubio says:

    1:29:54 people using macbook on microsoft event O.o!!?

  3. Taz Hoque says:

    For anyone wanting to watch the Microsoft event live. Looking forward to
    how windows 10 will look on phones and what new features it will have. Also
    will be Interesting to see how Microsoft take on this 1 os for desktop,
    tablets and phones will be and how it will all works together….so update
    on my thoughts, impressed with windows 10 for pc and 8″ plus tablets.
    Disappointed with Windows 10 on phones and mini tablets. Nothing new imo. ?

  4. Muhittin Baydar says:

    So..Pc master race and xbox becoming brothers?? how in the hells name our
    majestic hardware can be aligned with outdated hardware called xbox? will
    this quell the battle between pc and xbox? and ps4 will be left alone? so
    xbox people will left their console agenda and side with us against ps4 ?
    This are strange times indeed my pc master race brothers.but one thing is
    for sure…our majestic platform will shine more…?

  5. Jento Pieters says:

    I’ll first wait 2 months after most of the bugs are gone then I’m gonna buy
    a new Windows phone, and install W10 on my W7 Gaming PC.?

  6. PhantomAct says:

    2:30:44 Wouldn’t it have been awsum if Hologuy Alex was a Hologram all
    along, and he disappeared at the end of his demo??

  7. Leto2ndAtreides says:

    As interesting as some of these ideas are… And I think they are pretty
    respectable (I like Microsoft’s productivity focus)… They probably aren’t
    hard to copy and iterate on, for Google, before Windows 10 launches for
    Microsoft… They really need to just start pushing out these updates
    separately rather than combining them into one large release.

    Like the Start Button… Just fix it in Windows 8. How is this a question
    that needs thought? Other people created better working Start buttons
    within weeks of Windows 8 being shown (This lack of Agility is… archaic
    in the present)

    They could really afford to be first to market with some somewhat
    innovative stuff… Improve their reputation.?

  8. USCPresident says:

    Okay PC gamers this what we all want and it’s just around the corner.
    Details on its upcoming Windows 10 operating system. Join CNET for a live
    pre-show starting at 8:30 a.m.

  9. LudicFallacies says:

    I’m so sick of Gen Y/Millennial tech hipster communications degree idiots
    making comments in articles like this one from the Verge that Bill Gates is
    supposed to be editing this month, “And sometimes Microsoft shot itself in
    the foot; instead of fully committing to the bold ideas for the future it
    showed us in Windows 8, it retreated to the comfort of the desktop and
    released a compromised product called Windows RT that was more of a garbage
    fire than an operating system.” -T.C. Sottek of *The Verge*

    Windows RT was a MOBILE TABLET ARM VERSION OF WINDOWS you total dickhead!?

  10. Marius T says:

    Oh my God,everybody in the audience uses Macs,on a Microsoft event,that’s
    really lame!?

  11. Mobile first, Cloud first doesn’t sound very desktop friendly, Nobody is
    doing CAD creation on a tablet, I hope they don’t lose sight of the
    unchanging relevance of the desktop environment.?

  12. Man, I really enjoy- really enjoyed this video,?

  13. The Crafter says:

    Here, back to the future, BECOMES REALLLLL, THE TECHNOLOGY IS REAL!!!!!!!!.
    Holographic display (were getting there!) Interactive 3d things, hover
    boards, and i think more. ad rip internet explorer?

  14. XoXKyleXXX says:

    JUST leave Windows like 7 why is this so hard… change all the effing
    thing under the hood all you want, but jeez just leave the interface as 7
    dam fools?

  15. calical26 says:

    xbox one failed lmao trying to make a come back now these days young people
    done know what a desktop is anymore ?

  16. Wow… Windows event’s attendees have ZERO sense of humor. #Ouch ?

  17. responsibleparty says:

    FWIW, the video starts at 2:45. I have no idea what that dead space at the
    start is for.?

  18. ???? ????????? says:

    ??????? ?????????

  19. Titus Krummacher says:

    This is the most innovation packed tech presentation I have seen since the
    introduction of NeXT.

    Sit back eat an apple and enjoy the upcoming next major step in the
    evolution of computers. I have been using Microsoft products since DOS 6.2
    and Windows 3.11. For a long time I got the impression Microsoft is using
    their monopoly just for their own wealth and mostly copying ideas of real
    inventors. Hence I welcomed the competition throughout Silicon Valley. Not
    to see Microsoft fall, but instead to see them take up the challenge. It
    looked desperate how Microsoft was trying to catch up with trends and
    straight heading for the edge. However, lesson learned: cornering a giant
    not necessarily provokes aggressions – in Microsoft’s case it kindles

  20. Turbo Penguin says:

    I don’t know about you but I’m waiting for the cyanogen community to create
    their own phone or is for desktops or laptops :)?

  21. bryan Tanya says:

    A couple of months ago I do remember PlayStation fanboys hating on Xbox ONE
    when they said dirext 12 increase 50% performance way better than dirext
    11, and haters start making comments that it wasn’t possible because of
    hardware limitations, now 2015 is here, and dirext 12 is here, and even
    people outside Microsoft and Xbox ONE for that matter, are saying the same
    thing, Xbox ONE even with a slight hardware limitation compare to ps4 ,even
    thou very similar, a lots of developers are excited about DirectX 12. So
    those resolutions and frame rate won’t be even a topic anymore for ps4
    fanboys. So haters…. say hello to the better and powerful Xbox ONE on
    2015!!! See ya, don’t wanna be ya?

  22. Socialist Skeptic says:

    I like how completely out of touch Microsoft is, it’s like they have some
    insulated dome where they’re completely cut off from the outside world and
    have no clue what people want.?

  23. Jesse Knodat says:

    Can someone tag the timeset of the Xbox One??

  24. German Almaraz says:

    No fails, haters can’t hate?

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