Windows 10 Build 10036 – Updated Start Menu, Task View, System Tray + MORE

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  1. Safwan Hossain says:

    Everything is fairly nice?

  2. Samuel Lakatoš says:

    I think Windows 10 is going to be another one of these cool systems such as
    Windows 7 and XP.?

  3. I don’t like how white everything is. It should be the same colour as the
    start menu/accent colour (like the wifi flyout.) White is ugly on screens. ?

  4. Honorablewolf says:

    They should make it free until a year for xp users aswell, or else xp users
    won’t move to the newest windows.?

  5. Will the folder icons and such be changed? As the current ones in the
    preview looks horrible. IMO.?

  6. Jake James says:

    The recycling bin icon has changed for the first time since windows vista?

  7. I personally don’t like the new start menu. I like the start menu from
    build 9841 and the start screen from Windows 8?

  8. needsexytimes says:

    can windows photo viewer play Gifs yet??

  9. Matheus Vinicius says:

    Still prefer the Start Menu of build 9879, the search bar should not go to
    the taskbar, it should remain within the menu!?

  10. Samuel Lakatoš says:

    I think OS X Yosemite still has better design than Windows but it’s getting
    better and better :)?

  11. Med Mahogany says:

    Very Nice, hope they work on performance.?

  12. Tartarkautsar says:

    I like the new recycle bin icon… And hopefully the start is transparent
    but blurring…?

  13. Aleksandar Petrovi? says:

    Well… I can see now that I won’t use windows 10… And that is just
    because of UI… It is OK for those who like it, but for those who don’t
    there is no any option to change it… And just to say, I don’t hate this
    or that in the UI, I hate the every aspect of it. The icons, the thumbnail
    preview, the start menu, all… They could make all those UI changes to be
    optional, but they won’t… If I ignore the UI, the system look to be OK,
    but not enough to convince me to change windows 7 (that is also a really
    great OS and much more better looking one)…?

  14. Freddy Fazbear says:

    How. Did. You. Get. BUILD 10036??!?!?!?!?!!!! WE’RE ALL SO FUCKING JEALOUS

  15. Vincent Lagrandmaison says:

    #windows10 preview??

  16. Richard Dale says:

    Looking quite nice for a Microsoft OS. No original thinking here really but
    at least they are copying better these days.?

  17. sw1000xg says:

    Is it me or does most of the interface look like Windows 3.1??

  18. Petr Smrtka says:

    Start menu is really getting crazy in Microsoft, it should be
    fast-navigation tool to start an application. Since I install Launchy, I am
    not using start menu at all. The big blocks in start menu are fancy, but

  19. TheLun4tic says:

    I hope they improve the design and finally find a consistent look. I kind
    of like the windows 8 logo icon i hope they go with something in solid
    colors and not too much of a cartoonish look like the icons are looking
    right now in the tech preview.

    And I hope they are getting rid of the 2 different looks of the context
    menu and the two control panels they had in windows 8 and 8.1. consistency
    is the key to have a great OS imo.?

  20. DeeDee Ice says:

    When windows 10 come out for full version?

  21. harshal ghuge says:

    how do you get these builds before public release??

  22. I still see no reason as a business why i would upgrade from Win 7. It’s
    just adding an insane amount of distraction for my employees. I don’t want
    nor need a store, feeds for news, multi desktops, cortana, and so on; it’s
    a massive productivity sink. Looks like we’ll be using Win7 for the coming
    decade or more.?

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