Will You Upgrade from Windows 8.1 to Windows 10?

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  1. Chris Pirillo says:

    Will you upgrade to Windows 10??

  2. I would “upgrade” to Linux, but drivers + games makes me stop…?

  3. MrGHLover107 says:

    the video should be will you upgrade from windows 7. of course we will
    upgrade from windows 8/8.1?

  4. If anyone is using feature points , ill use ur code if you use mine. Thanks

  5. Chad Varner says:

    I have invested in the MS environment and have been a Windows Insider since
    they opened it up. I have Windows 10 on a test machine and I would like to
    add what I “think” MS is doing. They are building the UX and setting it as
    the basis, then creating the UI while trying to stay true to the UX overall
    design. Is it there? No… not yet. BUT it has gotten better with each
    iteration of the OS. The original Win10 build was… lacking. The follow
    on updates have been a slow and steady improvement. So Yes! I plan on
    upgrading as soon as I can.
    As for RT… .Well really it doesn’t need to be upgraded too much. Adding
    in the Win10 UI and you’re set. RT is a very light and lean version of an
    OS anyway, and while it is decent (yes I have an RT device – Lumia 2520
    tablet) tabletized OS it is not my go to experience or device.?

  6. Brad Tomlinson says:

    I have been using Windows 8.1 since November, and I do like it. I learn
    something new about it quite often, but I am sure I have much more to
    learn. I am looking forward to upgrading to Windows 10.?

  7. LockerGnome's Geek Lifestyles says:

    Windows 10 promises a lot, and I explore my thoughts in this Q&A.?

  8. Archivist42 says:

    If windows 10 has a boost to gaming performance, I’ll get it. If not, I’ll
    still probably get it. The only thing that would stop me is if several
    annoying bugs are reported by early adopters.?

  9. frosted1030 says:

    Don’t forget, windows 10 is free.. for the first year. Microsoft plans to
    iterate and charge (for windows… as a service). ?

  10. Game Engine Tutorials And Gamplay says:

    i have windows 10 as my main os and it’s more stable then 7 or 8.1 in a
    preview state ?

  11. bwunukey says:

    the question is will i upgrade from win 7 to win 10?

  12. Jonathon Gillis says:

    If i were on 8.1 I’d upgrade for sure, but I am one of those who still
    thinks Windows 7 is perfectly great for my PC. I like the UI much more and
    it does what I need it to do. ?

  13. polychronio says:

    If i can play steam games? I will upgrade to windows 10…?

  14. Paul Waller says:

    As long as they bring back the classic desktop like Windows 7. And minimize
    the “modern” tiles. Then I will update and enjoy using Windows 10. btw I
    strongly dislike the tiles,… unless I’m on a 4 by 5 inch screen. But I
    use my 32 inch monitor on my desktop PC 99.9% of the time.?

  15. Ethan Alexander says:

    Yes!!! I’m upgrading my ms win 8.1 and ms win 7 to ms win 10.
    FYI Me and my school system still uses ms win xp?

  16. Braehawk Tech says:

    I’ve already dual booted Build 9926 onto my Mac Mini, which for most
    intents and purposes is my main computer, through Boot Camp. Kinda
    dangerous, I know, but I couldn’t help it. There are a lot of things I
    like, and I can see using Windows a lot more than what I have in the past.
    There are some things that annoy me, and you’re definitely right about the
    UI, Chris. But pretty much like you said, we’re still a long way off from
    this OS being released to the general public, and I’m sure most of the
    things you’re referring to here will be polished up well before then. I
    guess the thing that’s got me curious the most, at the moment anyway, is
    how much of Windows 10 are those of us that own a Surface 2 going to get?
    Microsoft has already come out and said that RT tablets will only get an
    upgrade with “some” of the Windows 10 features. Which is fine, I’d expect
    that. But I’d like a preview of what “some” means. I’m picturing in my
    head basically the same functionality that Windows 8.1 RT has, just with a
    Windows 10 UI. And if that were the case, I’d be okay with that. ~Brandon?

  17. Jack Stawowczyk says:

    Its funny since I’m watching this while re-installing Windows 8.1 for the
    5th time. Windows 10, please save us all! ?

  18. Ahmed Alsafar says:

    I’ve been using Windows 10 technical preview for 2 weeks. It’s usable as a
    daily OS. A little more optimization (my fan goes on more often now) and
    it’s great.?

  19. Vinnie Sims says:

    Another awesome answer, +LockerGnome’s Geek Lifestyles! ;)?

  20. James rafferty says:

    Well First off i never upgraded to 8 or 8.1 as i didn’t like the Tiles. yes
    i know there are ways around that.lol But i like windows 7 and would
    consider switching to 10 as long as there is a one time charge for the Os
    and upgrade and not as a recurring charge as a service. Otherwise, i just
    stay with windows 7 or switch to a linux distro.
    I used the Tech preview a little to see how it was and was surprised, even
    with the few things wrong, it ran quite well on a low end IBM Thinkcentre

  21. StaySic4Ever says:

    I sure will. From what I’ve seen it’s shaping up good but I do agree they
    need to improve on UI more, also bring more customization and options to
    change OS functions natively. It’s nice that it’ll be more lightweight and
    bring performance also under the hood things which is something important.
    Don’t want ditched crucial things. New DirectX will also ship with it which
    is showing to be a major change.?

  22. eshninerforest3 says:

    I’d be happier using windows 95. ?

  23. podcastbard says:

    I would upgrade to Windows10. I hope the interface is metro, the tiles.
    That is one thing that bugs me on Windows 8. When I touch the icon to open
    documents, 8 pushes me to the classic desktop, when I want to stay in
    metro, tiles. Also when I’m using the desktop on my Surface the fonts are
    too small. And when I’m in metro, I can’t do the same things as I can do on
    the classic interface, like check battery or undoc my thumbdrive just to
    give a few examples. ?

  24. Voidhaus R. says:

    I like Metro, kind of. I really don’t care about the GUI, about the version
    number, the *Fedoraness* or whatsoever. I’ll just do the same that I do
    every time:

    Know about it, customize it and forget about it.?

  25. Richard Champness says:

    Im running the new preview I no its still a beta but windows still feels
    generally slow to do anything and while im waiting for it to switch on and
    load ive already grabbed my tablet and done what I was going to do already ?

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