Step 4: Store with a Plan

You have lots of reasons to keep the files on your hard disk organized.


First, it makes it easier to do “housecleaning” — deleting files you no longer need.


Second, keeping data files in their own well-labeled folders reduces the risk that you will inadvertently delete an important program or data file.


Finally, a well-organized hard drive is easier and faster to back up.


Create folders for each program and place only the appropriate data files in them.


Alternately, create folders for each member of the family. Give files and folders names that will make sense even after you’ve forgotten why you created them.


In addition to organizing your files, at least every two months you should delete files you no longer need. A disk filled to within 5 percent of capacity is more prone to errors — and a lot slower — than one that is not so chock-full.

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