Step 2: Make an Emergency Boot Disk

If your computer develops a problem that keeps it from accessing your hard disk, you need some other way to boot your system. The answer is an emergency boot disk.

Windows XP Boot Disk


If you are using Win95/98/ME , you need to make an emergency boot disk, which you can make with the Add/Remove Programs control panel. Select the Startup Disk tab, and you’re led through the process.


On Windows XP , you can generally boot directly from the Windows XP CD-ROM, however in some cases you may still need a set of boot floppies. In this case, click one of the links below to download a program to create boot floppies for Windows XP Home or Windows XP Pro editions.


Windows XP Home Boot Floppy Creator

Windows XP Pro Boot Floppy Creator


On Windows Vista a boot disk (sometimes called a startup disk) was a floppy disk or a compact disc (CD) that contained Windows startup files. If those same files on your hard disk were damaged, you could use the boot disk to get Windows started.


In this version of Windows, the Windows installation disc contains the files necessary to start Windows, so you can use it as a boot disk.


The installation disc includes Startup Repair and other tools on the System Recovery Options menu that you can use to attempt repairs or restore data from a backup.


Macintosh systems come with either a bootable CD-ROM or a bootable floppy disk, as does Norton Utilities for Macintosh — a must for all Mac owners.

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