Making Windows 10 More Personal With Windows Hello

Microsoft announces Windows Hello, designed to make your computing experience more personal and more secure. Windows Hello introduces biometric authentication – using your face, fingerprint…
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  1. leon scott says:

    I don’t understand how people don’t understand that this is significantly
    more secure then current PC password systems….. All people have to hear
    is “camera” or “recognition” or “AI” and they assume the government is
    spying on them when they’re taking a dump on the toilet?

  2. Say Hello!! : )?

  3. Vinoth Ragunathan says:

    Windows 10 is looking cooler and cooler by the day. Can’t wait to try this

  4. Boogster Su says:

    Linux is still better LOL!?

  5. ComradeDoge says:

    “More personality” = biggest marketing bullsh*t ever. The only reason why
    Microsoft is advertising this as a feature is to convince customers that’s
    ‘Microsoft is the good guy, that you can always trust good ol’ Microsoft
    with your information’. Yeah! Sure, get f**ked with your passports.

    As if nobody knows how US government forces software vendors to hand over
    information about individuals. And as if Microsoft doesn’t make money on
    all the data it collects from your searches and behaviour. We’ve already
    found a Microsoft propriatary keylogger in Windows 10, why should anyone
    keep trusting you??

  6. sashundera91 says:

    Windows 10 is gonna be the best operating system ever created.?

  7. Alan Peto says:

    +Microsoft just killed the password…say hello to “Windows Hello”. And it
    goes way beyond just “Windows”.

    Check out the new “Windows Hello” and “Passport” feature coming to Windows
    10…and also to any website, app, etc., as part of Microsoft’s
    participation in the FIDO alliance (

    Check out the video below, and the full article here:

  8. German Almaraz says:

    Can’t believe there are already haters complaining about stuff they
    wouldn’t use?

  9. Apple strategy adopted. Name every small feature you can.

    Come on, Android has had face recognition since 2011, now some phones have
    finger print scanners and iris scanners. It’s not named anything fancy like
    “Android Hello”.?

  10. Yash Soni says:

    Say Hello!! : )?

  11. Unknown Dude says:

    *I’d rather trust Apple to do something more similar than Microsoft.*

    *Apple actually care and want consumers data secure and private, but I’m
    not convinced with what MS have to offer.*

    *I just don’t trust them with my personal details, they work alongside the

    *My future tech will only be from Apple or Google, because i like their
    services and the people who work for them are friendly and caring.*

    *Microsoft just wants our money and police their consumers with mediocre
    products and services.*?

  12. apple release this


    microsoft release this


  13. Fingerprint, face, or Iris. And we promise we will not send that
    information to the NSA. Even though we lied before and send all your
    information to the NSA. F-off Windows 10! ?

  14. Schule04 says:

    Do not want. Just like I don’t want to use an internet account as my
    windows log in.?

  15. ?????? ???????? says:

    Copying Apple in every single way…?

  16. Rasmus Rasmussen says:

    I’m so fucking happy that I’m not a designer and/or developer at Microsoft.
    All of their user base seems to be strongly autistic “hardcore” gamers who
    can’t handle any kind of change and wants their OS to stay exactly the same
    forever. At least people working at Google, Apple and all the different
    Linux OSs have more open minded users.

    I’m not a fan of Microsoft in general, but at least they’ve been trying to
    innovate with things such as Surface, HoloLens and Windows 8. It’s better
    than nothing.?

  17. youtubasoarus says:

    Hey Microsoft. How about *no*. 🙂

    How about you focus your time on making the OS not a steaming pile of crap?

    Perhaps you also didn’t get the memo about biometrics and how if they are
    compromised, you can’t exactly change your face, fingerprint or iris. So
    yeah, passwords thanks. You can change those.

    I want you to succeed with 10. But you’ve got to stop pissing away your
    time on useless crap like this. Just make the operating system NOT SUCK.?

  18. nozmoking1 says:

    Technology professionals supporting users have grown to expect that
    odd-numbered versions of Windows are the successful versions while the
    even-numbered versions have always been nightmares to support. Many of us
    have hated Windows 8 and Server 2012 and have been waiting anxiously for
    Windows 9. Now we’re screwed… I suspect “Windows Hello” will soon become
    “Windows Hell”

    On a more serious note, I can definitely foresee corporate users that have
    watched the commercials suddenly complaining to their I.T. staff that they
    should be able to log in to AD by just “winking” at their monitors when
    businesses may be a year or more away from budgets that include the
    required hardware and resources to deploy this kind of technology. Oy…?

  19. helloworld691 says:

    Yikes! Guys – ALL biometrics REDUCE security, they do not improve it, and
    they do NOT replace passwords.

    Biometrics do not always work (they’re based on approximations), so they
    ALWAYS need a backup password for when that happens. Face-rec in
    particular is terrible in different lighting conditions.

    In other words – Biometrics ADDS a SECOND new way for people to break into
    your gear: the old way (passwords) ALWAYS still exists, and the new way
    (face-rec, fingerprints, etc) is a SECOND new way they can break in.

    Remember Apple? It took hackers LESS THAN 24HRS to break their fingerprint
    system: you needed only a gummy-bear and a photocopier. They can totally
    now bypass the useful & strong password, by just taking your fingerprint –
    and guess where they can find plenty of those? Ding: *ON* your stolen
    phone/PC of course.

    Despite that – yes – biometrics *is* more secure, but the reason is smoke
    and mirrors that’s been pumped through an advertising PR machine: the only
    reason they tell you it’s “more secure”, is because most of us do not use
    any security at all: having something convenient and insecure that we DO
    use, is “more secure” than us not using anything at all.

    As for the “your iris or your face won’t be stored on your laptop” – this
    means it won’t work without an internet connection, and your
    never-possible-to-change biometric data will be stored in a remote database
    where it can be stolen.

    Here’s 2 billion reasons why that’s not a good idea: Sony, AOL, Target,
    Walmart, Ebay, Home Depot, Anthem, AOL (again), JP Morgan, Staples,
    Evernote, Adobe, UbiSoft, Yahoo, UPS, Sony (Again), Steam, Apple, AOL
    (again), … that’s how many hacked accounts have been stolen recently from
    places like those!

    Biometrics are stored as “feature sets”. These CAN be used to re-create
    something that your PC/phone will recognize to unlock your device, even if
    the resulting feature expansion doesn’t look like the real “you”.

    The ONLY place Biometric data should ever live (which itself is not very
    safe, but better than nothing), is trapped inside a security-hardened
    tamper-proof embedded chip in your own personal possession.

    Every place I know with a working security conscience does not allow any
    kind of cameras… so this crazy idea can never work anyhow.

    This is the most publicly embarrassing security video I have ever seen. It
    is chock-full of blatant lies, truth-twisting suggestions, and false ideas.
    There must be thousands of Microsoft security professionals who are
    absolutely ASHAMED of the company they work for today!!!?

  20. Neil deGrasse Tyson ? says:

    I like It :)?

  21. Myles Coomansingh says:

    I’m a huge gamer and I love the Microsoft company but I want to know if you
    guys could put better graphics cards and better processing systems that can
    be overclocked so we can game on our laptops, tablets and desktops because
    putting these upgrades in our devices is a huge step in your company in
    helping many others game on our laptops, tablets, and desktops?

  22. Vikrant Patankar says:

    When WINDOWS 10 is releasing????!!!?

  23. Michal Ivani? says:

    gj microsoft ?

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