Make Windows 7 Look Like Windows 8

This video will show you how you can get the best parts of Windows 8 on your current Windows 7 PC. Links: Winsplit – Interactive Wallpaper – Mosaic – Theme pack –

In this video I look at installing windows 7 from the network. This can be achieved in two different ways. Firstly by booting windows PE and the other via using a deployment system like Windows Deployment Services.


  1. videocomputers says:

    I have more programs:

    1. CodePlex Newgen- Hate Mosaic? Then this is for you.

    2. CodePlex Aura- Get the Metro window color.

    3. HTC Metro Home- Like Mosaic, but uses less system resources.

    4. Taskbar User Tile- Adds a user tile on the taskbar.

    5. Start Killer- Kills the start button, because the start menu is gone in Windows 8.


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  3. Yoav Zimet says:

    are? you sure?

  4. OscarTechno says:

    Too many lame replacements for good? things…

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  7. OscarTechno says:

    Why do this,? 8 looks like rubbish!

  8. InMyWorld10 says:

    yep or camtasia?

  9. Yoav Zimet says:

    are? you sure?

  10. InMyWorld10 says:


  11. Yoav Zimet says:

    how do you record your? screen?


  13. ZAKTECH90 says:

    nice? thanks

  14. extremeweatherman8 says:

    this is? cool

  15. TheMixedupstuff says:

    Start orb changer. The only issue is? that you have to run it as an admin

  16. Windows Sucks!

    (only? kidding I love windows)

  17. ??? ?????????? says:

    i was kidding ?

  18. disagree!!!?

  19. all i got out of this video is okozo, that is awesome?

  20. 97pinedaHD says:

    This? is actually very good, because I can’t enjoy that advantage beacuase my hard drive is incompatible.

  21. Roboman2121 says:

    Omnimo with Rainmeter. It’s? great!

  22. tommmy2555 says:

    Meh,Just update to windows 8? preview

  23. jd030602362 says:

    Rainmeter and? omnimo

  24. Don’t matter how your Windows desktop looks like, BSOD screen is still the same. ? Theme BSOD!!!!!!!!!!

  25. Id Rather Get? Win8 than downloading and filling up my C:/ file :)

  26. itfreetraining says:

    Glad you like the? video, thanks for watching.

  27. itfreetraining says:

    Windows PE is used to boot the computer. So this need to be run on the computer? which Windows 7 is being installed on.

  28. Mindfulhacker says:

    how does the first method? install? does the machine that hosts the windows pe disk install or host the install disk

  29. itfreetraining says:

    Which? file?

  30. L1ghtProductions says:

    access denied? when creating the file..?

  31. 6rim2eape2 says:

    Thanks for taking the time to record the videos. Still? need to actually do these in a lab setting, but the videos are a great way to prepare for that. Thanks again.

  32. itfreetraining says:

    Thanks for the positive comment. Not sure exactly what motivates some of the negative comments.?

  33. Fossil4871 says:

    I amazed at some of the ignorant comments … these videos are awesome, especially to those who want to get a better understanding of the material. Let’s be apppreciative? folks and itfreetraining? Keep up the awesome work!!!

  34. Atman Shah says:

    No? need to explain deep

  35. sounds like? a fegala

  36. dawnb4nite says:

    U? are such a blessing

  37. Waleedmilek says:

    your welcome and i hope to meet you online soon to discuss some issues on window? 7 & also 8, XP pro

  38. itfreetraining says:

    Thanks? very much. Very much appreciated.

  39. Waleedmilek says:

    This vedio is very nice one it? realy helps alot

  40. itfreetraining says:

    Thanks very? much.

  41. Airmantony2012 says:

    good video and very clear explanation in? details .

  42. itfreetraining says:

    All these videos are from the 70-680 course which installing from the network is when the source files are on the network. The video is referring to installing Windows? when the setup DVD is on the network. Booting is from Windows PE which can be on a DVD, USB or off the network. The video clearly states that if you want to boot Windows PE off the network use WDS which we have anther video if you want to know how to do that.

  43. friends57043 says:

    fuck you gye you are lying when you don’t know then y are you making us fool , you have told us that without dvd you will instal win you are using dvd. fuck you dud.?

  44. itfreetraining says:

    Thanks. Glad you liked? it.

  45. aptechite233 says:


  46. Sharbel el hajj says:

    Dude M not against you just try to understand the frustration people go
    s into when you have to do all this for just network booting I ve nothing against you nor the videos… NOT BLAMING you YOU did not creat the WINDOWS nor set it s protocols… JUST FED UP of thisss…. I use linux and windows on daily bases JUST hate when u need network installation when u go to a client to install or fix thing not always you? have the luxury to download … time to program to fix to reprogram DAMN IT

  47. itfreetraining says:

    Microsoft determines the objectives that we need to cover in these videos for the 70-680 course. We are currently in the process of deciding if we should do a course on Linux+ following? the objectives from Comp Tia. I have used Microsoft, Linux and UNIX for years. All I can say is that I am disappointed by this comment. I don’t believe you represent the linux community because if you did I would not even consider doing a course for Linux. If you don’t like are videos don’t watch them.

  48. Sharbel el hajj says:

    OH ya and MICROSOFT teaches people to hate linux ALL YOU HAVE DONE? FKR is using the shell isn t that going back to UNIX Linux methods?FK Microsoft GUI then pft don t forget all you have to do …

  49. Sharbel el hajj says:

    DUDE WTF WTF all I need to do all I need to do and reboot pc DAMN IT WTF FK Microsoft and network installation JUST FKN SUPPORT installation into HD by default FK THIS NETWORK AND FK MICROSOFT complexity and you ask why? we hate it

  50. itfreetraining says:

    If you take an image of your hard disk with imagex it copies everything including the applications. This is? one way to customize the image before deploying it on other computers saving you have to install application or configure settings like the desktop and start menu.

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