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FAFSA Deadline Approaches, But What Else is Needed
Even though the deadline to acquire financial aid for college from Pennsylvania has passed, students still have until June 30 to complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid FAFSA to get federal financial aid. There are other financial considerations to take into account in addition to FAFSA. Once students are approved for federal aid, what else is available for them Pennsylvania …
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Edge welcomes graphic design intern
Lansing, MI Reanna Trombley recently joined Edge Partnerships as an intern in graphic design.With the purpose of helping others succeed, Edge Partnerships paves the way for young professionals to learn firsthand through hands-on experience. Edge Chief Creative Officer Aaron Pumfery will show Trombley the creative aspects of brand development, including logos, websites and design templates….
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Island Time Pet Toys Releases New Organic Tug Toy for Dogs
Island Time Pets, New Englands leader in handmade, all natural pet toys, announces the latest addition to its organic pet toy collection Taylers Tug. This 100 percent cotton, 21-inch, double-ended tug is perfect for the pooch that likes to play doggie tug-o-war and is strong enough to withstand even double-dog tugging. The toy is named after Island Time Pets founder, Captain Dave Bills…
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