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Middle School Writing app turns Students into sharp Critical Thinkers
Virginia based Niles Technology Group today announces Middle School Writing 1.1, an update to their popular educational app for iOS devices. Middle School Writing does something that teachers and schools want students to do more of – the app gets students to think. While the goal of the app is to teach essay writing, Niles Technology Group specifically designed the content to emphasize that a …
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ConvertX for iPad – Units and Currency Converter
Mallow Technologies has released ConvertX for iPad 1.0. ConvertX is a unit and currency converter covering 684 units in 44 categories including currencies. It features a powerful search option to search any unit or category that needs conversion. Frequently used units can be added to favorites for quick access any time. Units and Categories can be switched on or off. Many users use a particular …
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Legacy Design Build Remodeling has been awarded a GuildMaster award for exceptional customer service by GuildQuality, a national performance ratings firm for builders, remodelers, contractors and real estate companies. Legacy was one of only two remodeling companies in Arizona to receive the award.The GuildMaster award is based on exemplary…
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Freedom Fighters Father’s Day Marathon on The Hub
WHAT:Celebrate Dad with The Hubs Fathers Day Freedom Fighter Marathon featuring back-to-back episodes of GI Joe Real American Hero and GI Joe Renegades on The Hub.Episodes from both shows will air thematically, encouraging dads and kids to experience the series together.Throughout the day military style file cards style will pop up with little known facts and trivia about the…
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