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Prepare to be enchanted – BIG BAD BRUSH to release new game – Big Sticky
Canadian based developer BIG BAD BRUSH inc. today announced Big Sticky, their much anticipated iOS game will be available on the app store, July 26, 2011. Utilizing intuitive controls combined with original gameplay, help purple frog prince, Sticky, use his tongue to stick and swing in search for his beloved princess. With a total of 51 platformer puzzle levels, there’s always new obstacles and …
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Patriot Pursuit launches on Independence Day
Juicy Development today introduces Patriot Pursuit 1.0, their new educational app for iOS. Drawn from a database created by constitutional scholars, Patriot Pursuit quizzes users on their knowledge of the Constitution and U.S. History as well as tests their knowledge on a variety of constitutional facts. Topics such as US History, the Constitution and its amendments, the Founding Fathers, and …
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