How to make your Computer BOOT FASTER (The “All Black” Windows 7 Boot Screen)

Audio issues fixed* Welcome back to Tech YES City, today I will be taking you guys through a quick guide as to how I get fast boots times on windows 7. My system specs are: Mobo: MSI Z87-G45…
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Les muestro como cambiar el usuario a una carpeta y como configurar los permisos de acceso en windows 7.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  1. TheWizard says:

    don’t defrag SSD guys, it will kill it. SSD doesn’t need defragmentation?

  2. Sicromoft says:

    How did you remove that “Welcome-Screen”? I already googled it, but i just
    found crap.?

  3. 1. Go to 6:36.
    2. Stop the video.
    3. Add subtitles.
    4. Enjoy?

  4. Nur Maisarah Hashim says:

    hey, How to make it become startup windows 7 again from all black ? urgent.?

  5. Victor Cristy says:

    Brilliant!! :)?

  6. iRapplexD says:

    Hi Tech, Can you give a link of your desktop background? Thanks!?

  7. raul gonzalez says:

    How did you remove that “Welcome-Screen”??

  8. ZeroAlytus says:

    after all step , boot time the same , q9300 4gb ddr2 800Mhz 840 evo 120gb

  9. Lurifaxey PvPz says:

    WTF! Its just getting black screen when i’m starting my computer! I can log
    on my acc, but then it says something about that microsoft windows dosnt
    answer.. Please help me ;( PLEASEEEE D; Answer fast! ;( I’m crying!?

  10. Nice video, good audio. Great information. Thanks?

  11. krazytoneride says:

    My PC booted up slower after doing these things.?

  12. Karl Oversteyns says:

    Cool computer dude!!!?

  13. raul gonzalez says:

    how to you remove the logon screen please please ?

  14. Entertainment Mai says:

    Its works thanks you man so much !!!?

  15. Gary Bulter says:


  16. Sudam Jayawardana says:

    how to get this “all black” boot screen?

  17. Debasish Dutta says:

    Hey, My PC has more than 5 drives. Does that mean that my boot will be slow?
    Because when I tried your steps, there was no effect in the booting time.?

  18. BoysBad12 says:

    pls help me i have i average pc and when i bought it new it started up
    within second but now it take aroun 6 – 8 min to start up and i dont now
    how to fix it :(?

  19. I Got Gameplay says:

    thank you very much ?

  20. cody bonner says:

    Defrag if you want to kill your SSD?

  21. jackevin99999 says:

    SSD’s dont actually need a disk defrag. It only helps performance for HDD.
    SSD’s have something called ‘TRIM’. Defraging SSD’s can possibly hurt its
    Speed. Go do some more research on it.

    Otherwise, good video?

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