Geek Out: Why I Like Windows 8 (and Other News)

Qualify for today’s giveaway – click here and go to the Geekstakes tab: Why I Like Windows 8 Can You Be Happy with a Cheap Android Tablet? Five Things to Check on Your Camcorder Before Recording Common Facebook Annoyances and How to Fix Them How to Have a Better Google+ Hangout Experience Pirillo Vlog 031 – The Mustache Man Woos Diana DannyJSchwe45 on YouTube asked: So does this mean you need to change? your icon to having a mustache? southeastpacarshows on YouTube asked: How do you manage to make so? many videos on a daily basis? ryebread761 on asked: Snoopazz1 on YouTube asked: Chris, do you ever use your iMac? Because I have never seen it on….? AaronXLV on YouTube asked: How many mini figs do you own?? julianenguillado on YouTube asked: Does? it feel weird holding up the camera to your face in public? Just wondering. rodneyseay08 on YouTube asked: where is the full video?? dsalzr on YouTube asked: Have you felt the need to park outside a school in a white van? since you grew that mustache? SEEVCar on YouTube asked: Do you run linux on your Mac and if so what distro? do you run? aldinlapinig on YouTube asked: Hi Chris… How do you organize your daily routine? Do you have time? to clean the house? James Swanson (TechGuru) asked: When you started LockerGnome how big did think it would get? Bayron Urbina on YouTube

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