Fallout 3 Launch Fix (windows 8)

A video to help you get your steam copy of fallout 3 working on your windows 8 computer. I hope it helps. (copy and paste URLs below into your browser) Fallout 3 windows 7 and 8 fix: http://www….
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  1. Cold Pizza Media says:

    I will be uploading a revised video soon with an improved method that
    should also allow you to get better framerate and fewer crashes in your

  2. Lathen Elschlager says:

    thank you so much!!!!?

  3. sniperlizard says:

    when I open up properties for “fallout3” compatibility does not show but it
    does with fallout launcher?

  4. Santos Geerman says:

    I can do everything in this tutotial right, but I can’t run the last
    program ;-; can you or someone else help me with this ??

  5. nikhil sutradhar says:

    wait bro i have a question pls answer whats that song in background i want
    the name pls :D?

  6. Ilya Demochkin says:

    thank you a lot this worked ๐Ÿ˜€ Liked?

  7. goldnose2 says:

    I hate windows 7, I hate the game creators for not fixing this peice of
    shit, I hate steam for not fixing it, I hate these tutorials that all show
    INSTRUCTION AND STILL NOTHING WORKS! And this is why I’m starting to give
    up pc gaming…?

  8. TheOrangeAxe says:

    Fallout 3 xlive.dll Problem fix! win7

  9. videogamedude52 says:

    Nexus mods is undergoing maintaince?

  10. Archer Greenloc says:

    Was following you good intelligence @ 01:24 what the hell did you do lol?!?

  11. Connor Quinn says:

    nevermind. thnx so much! I finally got this thing 2 work ๐Ÿ™‚ sub?

  12. Weebill Fluxx says:

    Mine doesn’t have the compatibility tab…?

  13. hawk man says:

    i think this only works on GOTY edition?

  14. cody mcqueen says:

    Thank you.?

  15. Munchy1011? says:

    i dont have the compatibility thing?

  16. Soviet Fox says:

    When I try to launch Fallout it comes up with an error message “The ordinal
    42 could not be located in the dynamic link library
    C:/WINDOWS/SYSTEM32.xlive.dll” Please help.?

  17. Chris Harper says:

    You Sir are brilliant. Followed every step! works great!!?

  18. absurdjoebob . says:


  19. Phyllis Mervenne says:

    Cant download the windows thing no.3?

  20. Brutal Integrity says:

    Thanks man, yours is the only fix that worked on mine?

  21. Thomas Takeshita says:

    It didn’t work for me it still just says fallout 3 has stopped working.?

  22. Cameron Rhodes says:

    thank you so much I finally got it to work will my dlc’s work?

  23. Weebill Fluxx says:

    Oh hell YEAH! Cheers bro!?

  24. Shatteredreams743 says:

    do I replace the fallout_default.ini file??

  25. Adam Barlow says:

    Dude I spent hours trying to fix this problem on my own and failed
    miserably. Your video sorted it all out. THANK YOU!!!?

  26. Jesus monge says:

    Gracias excelente, mi bios esta con una version mas nueva pero me sirvio
    para poderme guiar..?

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