Common Computer Service Calls

Virus / SpyWare / Adware / Malware / Pop-ups

Call for a quote! 561-503-7980 Suddenly you notice that your computer is slower than usual. Do you need to add more RAM…again? But you’re not even running any application! As you open up Internet Explorer, about 2-3 Pop-Up windows appear, as you close them and go about your business, only to constantly play [X] with your computer. Virus? But your Norton Antivirus doesn’t detect any Viruses, and what’s this message on some pop-up windows about SpyWare on your computer? And what the heck is a SpyWare?


Your computer has Advertisement Pop-Up Windows Generator Applications running in the background. Your computer needs a cleaning. Most cleanings take about 1-2 hours. PC Tech Time will work on your computer until the job in done. PC Tune-Up included!

Computer Repair / Hardware / Software Trouble-Shooting

Blue Screen of Death

If you own a computer and are using Windows 95, 98, NT, ME, 2000, XP, Vista you may see this screen once in a while (BSOD).


Hardware or Software or both? Discuss your situation with PC Tech Time, and let’s work out a reasonable solution and get your computer stable again.


Most repair estimated times are 1-3 hours. Worst case situations (if the entire Operating System is unrecoverable) your important files can be backed up and the Operating System can be reinstalled.

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