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About Us

Whether you’re the head of a large corporation, a small office of eight, a family record store, a restaurant, or even a home office with room to grow; computers have become a daily part of your life with expanding complexity. You need someone who can help find solutions to your ever-growing electronic needs. Reliability, reasonability, dependability, and responsibility; cornerstones that make your life that much easier when it comes to managing your business.

It is our goal, to prove our trustworthiness and unparalleled quality of service offered to our clients. As a company, Pc Tech Time has attempted to formulate a business model that will provide our clients with a level of trust which is hard to find elsewhere in the industry.
We expect to see the following in all of our employees.

  • Trustworthiness
  • Skilled
  • Knowledgeable
  • Efficient
  • Pleasant
  • Outgoing
  • Friendly
  • Helpful
  • Ability to speak at your level

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