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Ten Steps to Trouble-Free Computing (Step 1)

Step 1: Know Your System


System Edit (Sysedit)The first preventive step you need to perform is to take an inventory of your computer system. This information will be vital if you later have to contact technical support or have your system serviced.


Start by noting your serial number and model number. With this information, your system manufacturer can determine the components of your system. If you’ve added components to your system, note the model and version numbers of the components. You’ll find this information in the documentation that accompanies add-on hardware.



Beyond these basics, you need to get details of your system’s configuration. On Windows PCs, this means copying and printing a few important system files that will come in handy if you later have a problem or need to speak to a tech-support person.



The simplest way to preserve your system configuration files is to run the Sysedit program.



System InformationWith Windows 95/98/ME, click on Start, RUN, type SYSEDIT in the blank window, and click OK. It will bring up all your system files — from AUTOEXEC.BAT to SYSTEM.INI — in Wordpad windows.  From there, you can save them to a floppy disk and print them out.



With Windows XP/2000 and Vista, you can go into Accessories, System Tools, System Information to find and print  this important data. You may also want to copy and paste each section into Wordpad and save it with the name of the window.

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